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Introducing a New, Simpler Way To Control Motion
Precision, Reversing, Speed Control, Braking, Soft Starts and Stops
Can You Improve The Performance Of Your Motion Control Systems
Traditional Applications Where? Non-Traditional Applications
  1. Reversing pallet conveyors in can plants
  2. Bridge and trolley drives
  3. High inertia loads
... More about Traditional Applications
  1. Cable tensioning system as in exercise equipment
  2. Accurate linear and rotary actuators
  3. Electric bicycles
... More about Non-Traditional Applications

Soft Start and Stops The fluid coupling and brake positively control starting and stopping. The fluid coupling acts as a cushioning device that helps dampen jerking of the conveyor chain during ordinary operation. In addition, the fluid coupling tapers the loads starting and stopping characteristics so as to give a ramp effect on starting and stopping.

Precise control of starting and stopping is especially important on the turntable where the load must be accurately positioned for strapping cans.

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Multiple Fluid Couplings can be used in applications where the drive is required to retard, hold or drive the load. These high slip applications generate a lot of heat which can be dissipated by 2 or more air cooled couplings.

The photo shows three fluid couplings whose housings (impellors) are connected by a pair of "v" belts. The finned housings rotate at motor speed and provide optimum cooling. The three fluid couplings output shafts (runner) and their pulleys are connected by a timing belt to a bull gear mounted on the right angle reducer.

Fluid Drive
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  • American-National Can Co.
  • Best Foods
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Corp.
  • Coors Co.
  • General Electric Co.
  • General Motors
  • Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Kraft Food, Inc.
  • Miller Brewing Co.
  • Reed Oven Co.
  • Weyerhaeuser Co.

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How? The reliable, old, air cooled fluid coupling has gone digital. Force, speed and direction of motion are controlled by programmable controls. Inexpensive sensors allow clutching, braking accurate positioning with exceptional smoothness and precision.

The User Module shown is a typical example of the input station for a microprocessor control system. In this case the visible inputs are chosen resistance for positive (concentric) and negative (eccentric) cable resistance. The chosen tensions are shown in the two windows.

The same module and a similar fluid drive system may be used for industrial positioning applications. (see Reciprocator). Stroke lengths are a function of spring length. The accelerating forces can be as high as 130 kg. when the input power is 850 watts (a typical 1 horsepower motor).

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